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The Atlanta Classic Females only amateur boxing tournament hosted by Sweet Science Boxing Club

The Atlanta Classic

A spectacular Females only boxing tournament In ATLANTA,Georgia hosted by Sweet Science Boxing Club and its owner Marty P. Hill.

Three memorable days of top notch woman’s only amateur boxing. The Atlanta classic provided over 100 female athletes the opportunity to compete exclusively in a USA boxing sanctioned tournament of their own!

The youngest female athlete to compete was 10 years in age and the most mature was 62. The event was held at the Atlanta Marriott Century Center In ATLANTA, Ga Feb 22-24 2019. Current WBC super light weight champion Jessica Mccaskill was in attendance with her WBC championship Belt! 

Competition equipment providers were StingUSA and a special thank you to our Sponsors WBC Amateurs for providing custom Pink Ribbon Gold Medals for the athletes. Our hearts were Pink and Gold.

The Atlanta Classic- All Female boxing tournament- ATLANTA,Ga Feb 22-24 2019

Special award WBC mini belts were provided to the following:

Youngest Athlete (sydni Johnson 10) 

Most Mature athlete (Kathryn Bettcher 62)

Team with the most athletes (New Way Martial arts, 9 athletes)

Team that traveled the furthest( wild card boxing team, california)

Best overall team( westpoint army female boxing team)



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Looks like a real good sport.

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