Centrally Located at the top of the perimeter in North Atlanta. 

Chamblee/Doraville behind the Brandsmart on 285 and Peachtree Industrial Blvd.

Peachtree Pavillion Center 

6035 Peachtree Road
Suite C222/C223
Atlanta, GA 30360

Tel: 404-736-6302











2nd Annual Atlanta Classic, USA Boxing Sanctioned, Females Only Boxing Tournament, Feb 14-16th 2020

The 2nd Annual Atlanta Classic Females only boxing tournament sanctioned by USA Boxing

The 2nd Annual  Atlanta Classic-USA Boxing Woman's only boxing tournament hosted by Sweet Science Boxing Club in Atlanta,Ga! 


The Atlanta Classic is a USA boxing tournament exclusive to only female USA boxing athletes!

Located at the luxurious Atlanta Marriott Century Center in Atlanta,Ga 

Join us for two days of top notch female amateur boxing! 


The Atlanta Classic is open to all USA Boxing female divisions and weight classes (pee wee, bantam, intermediate, junior, youth, elite and masters) Register Today. All female athletes are welcome from novice-elite athletes! Bring your first time boxers! 


Event host recommends athletes book returning travel as late as possible for Sunday evening or preferably Monday. 


Participating athletes must posses current USA Boxing Membership for 2020.


Participating athletes must posses 1 year annual physical 2019-2020 and Fit To Fight From from USA Boxing

(Masters Boxers 35+ years in age must posses a usa boxing masters boxing physical and yellow usa boxing passbook)


All coaches must posses current 2020 USA Boxing Red Coaches Book.


No Current USA Boxing Registration+ No Physcial+No USA Boxing Passbook= No Boxing, No Exceptions! 



Sweet Science Boxing Club

6035 Peachtree Road

Atlanta, Ga 30360

Organizer: Marty P. Hill

Phone: 404-736-6302


Sponsored By:

Sweet Science Boxing Club, Nike APS, WBC, WBC Cares 


Registration Fee:

Early Registration: (August-December 31st) $50

Late Registration: (December 31st-February 13) $75


Host Hotel and Event Venue: (take advantage of the convenience and tremendous rate!)

Atlanta Marriott Century Center

2000 Century Blvd NE, Atlanta 30345

Promo Code: Atlanta Classic

Room Rate: $109 per night. 

Room Booking Link:

Room Booking Link

404) 325-0000


CHECK IN: Friday: 2/14/20  

Checkin: 9am-5pm (Host Hotel and Venue- Atlanta Marriott Century Center)

No Boxing on Friday

All athletes must check in Friday! 

(Please contact event host if circumstances arise that athlete cannot check in Friday)


Boxing Day: Saturday: 2/15/20

Weigh ins/Doctor Check: 8am-11pm

Coaches Meeting: 12pm

Doors Open: 1pm 

Boxing Starts: 2pm 


Championship Sunday: Sunday: 2/16/ 20

Weigh ins/Doctor Check: 8am-11am

Coaches Meeting: 12pm 

Doors Open: 1pm 

Boxing Starts: 2pm 

2nd Annual Atlanta Open USA Boxing Masters Division Tournament, Sept 28/29 2019, Atlanta Georgia

2nd Annual Atlanta Open USA Boxing Masters Division Tournament, Sept 28/29th 2019, Atlanta, Georgia

Sweet Science Boxing Club in Atlanta, Georgia host the 2nd Annual Atlanta Open USA Boxing Masters Division Tournament.  Located at the luxurious Atlanta Marriott Century Center in Atlanta,Georgia. The 2nd Annual Atlanta Open are two days of fun, fast paced and exciting adult amateur boxing. The USA Boxing Masters Division is comprised of Males and Females 35+ years in age competing in 1.5- 2 minute 3 round amateur boxing matches. Participants wear protective head gear and compete within 16oz boxing gloves. Events are sanctioned by USA boxing the governing body for olympic level amateur boxing within the United States.  VIP tables, Ringside Seats,  and general admission tickets available now!

Purchase Tickets:

The 7th Annuall USA Boxing Masters Division Clinic at Sweet Science Boxing Club July 12-14th 2019

July 12-14th 2019

The 7th Annual USA Boxing Masters Division Clinic hosted by Sweet Science Boxing Club in Atlanta, Georgia July 12-14th 2019. Join Sweet Science Boxing Club as we host the 7th year of our USA Boxing Masters Division Clinic for the adult competitive boxer 35+ years in age! The Sweet Science Boxing Club USA Boxing Masters Division clinic is designed to teach and train the competitive adult amateur boxer as they prepare to compete in USA Boxing sanctioned events for the adult boxer. Three days of boxing training, including fundamentals, offense and defense, how to properly prepare for an event, how to register to become a USA Boxing Masters Division athlete, what to expect at your first tournament, USA Boxing Masters Division rules and regulations. Register today for a fun weekend of adult boxing and networking at Sweet Science Boxing Club! 

Sweet Science Boxing Club adds Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Tracking Technology!

Heart rate monitoring at Sweet Science Boxing Club!

Sweet Science Boxing Club joins the Heart Rate Monitoring and Fitness Tracking technology market! Fitness Track technology allows clients the opportunity to monitor heart rate, heart rate zones, calories burned and resting heart rate during cardio boxing workouts! This technology will provide Sweet Science Boxing Clients the opportunity to monitor and drive their fitness results. Purchase your Heart Monitors today at Sweet Science Boxing Club and drive those fitness results!   Take advantage of your Black Friday special! Friday November 23 - Monday November 26th 2018 Purchase one Heart Rate Monitor for $25 and receive a free month of cardio boxing classes! ($99  one time initiation fee required) 


The Atlanta Open USA Boxing Masters Division Tournament August 10-11 2018

Join Atlanta's Best Boxing Club, Sweet Science Boxing as we host our First Annual "THE ATLANTA OPEN" USA Boxing Masters Division Boxing Tournament in Atlanta,Georgia August 10-11th 2018. The Atlanta Open will showcase some of USA Boxing adult boxing division most experienced and beginner amateur boxers. The USA Boxing Masters Boxing division is comprised of individuals 35+ years in age. The participants are matched within 10 years of age and 10-15 lbs in weight dependent upon weight class. Bouts consist of 3, 1 0r 2 minute rounds. The Atlanta Open will be held at the Concourse Athletic Club in Atlanta,Georgia the weekend of August 10-11 2018. For further details or registration information please contact Coach Marty P. Hill


Marty P. Hill



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The great writer A.J Liebling dubbed the sport of boxing the Sweet Science while writing essays for the New Yorker Magazine and pinning what maybe one of the greatest essays on the sport of boxing his book named after the same namesake for boxing "The Sweet Science" . Boxing is called the Sweet Science by boxing trainers, coaches, purist and fans due to the fact the sport of boxing is truly a ballet of two individuals applying a scientific approach in the boxing ring to achieve championship level success. A great boxer must be aware of how to reach the utmost pinnacle of physical fitness, how to out think, out calculate, out maneuver and out will his opponent. The great Muhammand Ali would state  "The Will must be stronger than the Skill". Boxers are extremely surgical in the boxing ring. With the precision of a Surgeon the knowledge of the body of a Medical Doctor. Good boxers know where and where not to be. Boxers are like magicians they now how to move into small spaces to create openings  and move away at the drop of a dime to not receive damage. Boxers are con men they will falsely attack one area of the body to create the opportunity in attacking another. Boxing is a give and take sport, sometimes you must be willing to take a punch or two before returning fire. A good boxer wants their opponent to punch. A boxer is the must vulnerable when they are throwing punches and that is the time when a boxer is succeptalbe to counter punches. Boxing is not just two individuals jumping around a boxing ring trying to land a crushing blow. Its a sport of technique, tactics, smarts, awareness, and more than anything else mental fortitude. Boxing is a high game of chess and not checkers. The sport at its essence is so SWEET and down right SCIENTIFIC. The "SWEET SCIENCE" 


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Check Out the Brand New Sweet Science Boxing Club Casual Wear T-Shirts.

Represent Atlanta's Best Boxing Club with our Red and Gold and Grey and Black soft cotton t shirts. Ideal for those long weekends away from the gym relaxing! Quantity and Sizes are limited so purchase yours today! 

Meet Marty Hill of Sweet Science Boxing Club in Doraville

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Marty Hill was just recently featured in an article from VoyageATL called 'Meet Marty Hill of Sweet Science Boxing Club in Doraville'. They spoke to him about how he got where he is today, being a small business owner and learned more about boxing and his business, Sweet Science Fitness. To read more, click the 'read more' button below, or on the image above.

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Great read from out friends at Title Boxing on what its takes to be a real Fighter! Its amazing how the same skills and character traits that make a good boxer also apply in the boardroom, classroom, and home. 

Now, after reading the article ask yourself. Are you a fighter in life?

Age is Just a Number in Boxing

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Marty Hill just recently wrote a guest article for TEAM USA BOXING called 'Age is Just a Number in Boxing' regarding what it takes for those that want to participate in the master's boxing division. To read more, click the 'read more' button below, or on the image above.


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Take a read on the current news within Atlanta's Best Boxing Gym, Sweet Science Boxing Club


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Marty Hill recently wrote an article on LinkedIn called 'MMA VS BOXING, BOXING TAKES THE HIGH ROAD AGAIN!' regarding these two different sports, their two different skill sets and how each should stay in their own lane. To read more, click the 'read more' button below, or on the image above.

A new tax break for golf clubs and fitness classes?

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Sweet Science Fitness was recently mentioned in an AJC article, by Matt Kempner, called 'Kempner: A new tax break for golf clubs and fitness classes?'. He touches on the new tax bill that may allow taxpayers to write off spending for fitness activities and interviews Marty Hill on his thoughts about this proposed bill. To read more, click the 'read more' button below, or on the image above.

Sweet Science Fitness Creates Fighters Without The Fight

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We were recently featured in an article, Sweet Science Fitness Creates Fighters Without The Fight. If you're interested in Georgia State Homes, check out what they have to offer for Atlanta, GA Real Estate.

Sweet Science Fitness Boxing Club - NEW LOCATION- 6035 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Ga 30360

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We have done it again!! Sweet Science Boxing Club relocated from suite C-117 to C-222/C-223 within the Peachtree Pavillion Shopping Center located at 6035 Peachtree Road, Doraville, GA 30360! We are now right at the corner of Peachtree Road off of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. Our Grand Opening Week and 2 Year Anniversary within Peachtree Pavillion Shopping Center starts......

Sweet Science Fitness: August Newsletter

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Sweet Science Boxing Club hopes everyone had an enjoyable summer. As the last days of summer come to a close. We hope everyone's been safe, enjoyed family time and ate a whole lot!

Now it is time to get back to boxing!

Sweet Science Boxing Club Masters Clinic - June 27-29, 2016

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Led by owner and head trainer Marty P. Hill, our boxing clinic will teach and instruct beginning boxer fundamentals and advanced boxing techniques to include offense, defense, counter punching, conditioning and instructional sparring. For more information contact Marty Hill at (404) 736-6302 or register below.

Sweet Science Fitness: June Newsletter

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Sweet Science Boxing Club would like to pay a special tribute to Muhammad Ali! Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest boxers of all time. Olympic Gold medalist in the 1960 summer Olympics in Rome, Italy, 3 time Lineal Heavyweight Champion of the world and the most recognizable sports Icon of all time.
Muhammad Ali
January 17, 1942 – June 3, 2016

Sweet Science Fitness: May Newsletter

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Kids Summer boxing program!
Learn basic boxing fundamentals, physical fitness, fun and games.
Kids 10 and up boys and girls! 

REGISTER TODAY  404-736-6302!!!

Sweet Science Fitness: March Newsletter

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Sweet Science Boxing Club Family - We hope you all had a warm winter and are now preparing for the spring and summer months! Remember spring/summer bodies are built during winter months.
Start that spring summer workout today.


Sweet Science Boxing Club: January Newsletter

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Sweet Science Boxing Club hopes everyone had a safe, enjoyable and festive holiday season! We are wishing everyone a Happy New Year for 2016, and are looking forward to providing all of your health, wellness and fitness needs in the New Year!


Sweet Science Boxing Club Nike Fleece! Order Yours Today!

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Don't let the winter months stop your training!
Order your Sweet Science Boxing Club Nike fleece today!
Hoodies, Crews, and Fleece Pants available.
Embroidered with the Sweet Science Boxing Club logo.

Fall Fitness Tips with Sweet Science Fitness

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As the fall and winter seasons approach we welcome a beautiful change to seasonal colors and mild temperatures. For some, fall and winter months bring a challenge to gym motivation! Remember hard work and effort during the fall and winter months brings enjoyment during spring and summer!! Here are a few Fall Fitness tips to keep in mind….

Sweet Science Fitness trainer Marty P. Hill attends World Championship Training Camp

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Sweet Science Fitness trainer and owner, Marty P. Hill, spent three days with Hall of Fame Boxing trainer Emanuel Steward as he prepares current Super Welterweight Champion Miguel Cotto for the WBA Super Welterweight Championship fight versus Ricardo Mayorga on March 12, 2011 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The training camp was held at the Heavyweight Factory in Hollywood, Florida.  Hill had the opportunity to meet with other top boxing prospects including Dominique Dalton, "Irish" Andy Lee, and 2008 Olympian Demetrius Andrade. The three day experience culminated with meeting world famous boxing promoter Don King!  

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