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I am your average person who was exercising regularly but not what you would even remotely call an athlete. I got the idea that boxing would be fun….. WOW! Was I right! What started out as an interesting idea has become something I am hooked on. On top of the fun factor, I have lost 20 pounds and gained more self-confidence in my athletic ability than I ever envisioned. I am a huge fan of Marty Hill and Sweet Science Fitness!

Marty is an excellent trainer with great enthusiasm! He truly cares about his clients in every sense – mind, body and spirit. He works hard to not only keep workouts fun, engaging and personal, but also to ensure that you have the best experience possible all the while focusing on the finer points of technique along with cardio endurance and strength. He makes every work out challenging so that you are always pushing yourself but in a safe manner.  

The Sweet Science Fitness gym is a clean and welcoming environment for everyone from the toughest athlete to the average person who might be intimidated by what they think a “boxing gym” would be. The training and attention you receive is invaluable and truly gets results whether you are looking to become a serious boxer, trying to pick up some boxing technique, aiming to do a fitness overhaul or if you are just looking to do something different.

If you have ever thought you might want to learn to box or if you are simply looking for something new to challenge your usual workout routine, I encourage you to check out Marty Hill and Sweet Science Fitness.  - Diane Beams, Atlanta, GA


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Sweet Science Fitness has helped me improve my stamina, fitness and overall health. I was initially apprehensive about joining as I knew zilch about boxing. But Marty Hill goes that extra mile in making sure you understand all the basics and techniques before you begin training. I love working out here! I highly recommend Sweet Science Fitness to anyone who is looking for a fun way to stay fit and healthy and also learn a new science.   - Kiran Iyer, Atlanta, GA


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Great facility, great place to exercise and have fun. Amazed at how many calories I burn in just one hour of working out. Marty is a great trainer...he knows how to get you in shape. He keeps the activities fresh and mixes it up enough so that you learn basic techniques and not doing the same routines all the time. Runs a tight schedule (i.e., no time wasted) so your're in, you're out and you leave knowing you've gotten a great workout for the $. Highly recommend this place!   
 - Curtis Evans, Atlanta, GA


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I have been working out at various gyms around Atlanta for most of my adult life. They seemed to all be the same; crowded with little or no personal touch. About 3 years ago, looking for something different I talked with Marty Hill, the owner and head trainer for Sweet Science Fitness Boxing Center. I was impressed with Marty's knowledge and his approach to fitness. Even though I was 60 at the time I was interested in learning to box and decided to try it. Three years later I can say that it is the best decision that I have made. It is a family atmosphere with a focus on high personal touch and with Marty's expertise in the science of boxing and fitness you will get all the support you need to meet your personal goals whether that is to actually become a boxer or just get into great shape. I highly recommend Marty and Sweet Science Fitness.....
 - Dan Stewart, Atlanta, GA


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I am 36 yrs old with a corporate job in finance, and after years of slogging out workouts at Buckhead gyms I was having trouble staying motivated. I was speaking to a buddy at work about it and he suggested I go try a few of Marty's classes (Marty is the owner/instructor). After putting it off for a few months I finally went to check out his Saturday 10am class.

The first thing I noticed was his gym was immaculate with everything a world class gym needs. The class itself was awesome, it pushed my cardio and I loved the boxing angle. Everyone in the class was really positive and Marty was a great motivator with high energy. I kept going to classes for the next month and wanted to learn even more so I asked Marty about his group training to have the opportunity to further my skills and eventually do some ring work.


Fast forward 3 months to today and I just signed on for 12 more months of training! For those that want boxing fitness-only Marty offers a challenging yet rewarding class at night, and for those that want to step it up a notch like myself and work towards getting in the ring some he offers group training where he really focuses on defense and tactics in a safe and positive environment. My group training consists of other professionals like myself who care about not only themselves getting better but everyone else improving too.


I couldn't recommend this place enough - best boxing gym in Atl! ... PS: I would ignore the reviewer who posted the 1 star - unfortunately it seems every local business has to deal with a guy unhappy with his life who makes stuff up on these sites. None of what he said makes any sense. Ask any of Marty's actual clients what their experience is and you will get glowing reviews.
 - Cooper Anderson, Atlanta, GA


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I started training with Marty initially to get back in shape and lose weight. As I continued to train with him, we worked to set my fitness goals higher and higher with each passing week. Marty's knowledge, motivation, personal work ethic and his dedication to your personal goals make him without comparison the best trainer I have had the pleasure of working with. His meticulous attention to detail have not just benefited me in my physical fitness endeavors, but in my career as well. 

The passion and genuine dedication he shares with his clients truly place him in a league of his own and is obvious to his clients, peers, and general onlookers. The benefits I have received from his training speak for themselves. Today, I can proudly say I'm in the best shape of my life and it feels fantastic! 

I quite literally have strangers stop me and ask who trains me and what I do that keeps me looking 
the way I do. The benefits of his training have afforded me a physical and mental advantage I could only have hoped for.

Giving more than training, Marty equips those who work with him fitness tools for life. He is more than a trainer, he is your friend in fitness that helps to motivate you and ensure you accomplish your goals, no matter how modest or Herculean. If you have had the pleasure of meeting Marty, I would strongly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to work with him. 

We all look for opportunities in life--this is one that can make all the difference in yours. 

 - Chandler F. Bell, Atlanta, GA

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