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Boxing Routine for your Fitness in 2018

We are slowly closing out another year. Saying a fond goodbye to the year 2017! One of the most utilized New Years resolutions are getting into shape. Big box gyms and large fitness centers use this sales technique to get individuals to register for long term commitments at the first of the year. Once locked into contracts they care less if the customer returns to accomplish that first of the year goal. The big box gym focus is for signed contracts and revenue. Very far from the fitness goals and accountability the average person believes they are signing for on the dotted line.

Boutique fitnsss is the alternative that many are turning to assist in driving home their fitness needs. Boutique fitness centers are usually smaller in size and focus on specialized areas. Boxing clubs are gaining popularity and leading the boutique fitness revolution. Boxing Clubs offer cardio boxing classes, personal training packages and competitive boxing for the ultimate workout! Boxing Clubs are providing the everyday person the opportunity to gain the experience of training like a world class level athlete. Jumping rope, shadow boxing, hitting the heavy bag and working combinations on the focus pads can allow a person to burn up to 1000 calories in a 1 hour boxing class!

Join the Boutique Fitness revolution with Sweet Science Boxing Club.

Learn a new skill, gain results and have fun with the sport of boxing!

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