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Another water cooler fight week has passed. The latest return from expresso break late fight was the return of previous undefeated and undisputed MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey vs Amanda Nunes. What was to be a return of the Queen and re submergence of the pound for pound champion of the octagon was a 48 second annihilation of a fighter whom at one time was regarded as possibly the best fighter in the world, regardless of fight discipline. This was written by a multitude of sports writers, social media mavens and everyday joe/jills to the point there was discussion that she could even beat the pound for pound champion of the boxing ring Floyd Mayweather Jr. (google Can Ronda beat Floyd and see the multitude of actual idiots that proposed this dumb ass question) Again, how quickly things change. Those same individuals are now asking for her retirement after back to back losses.

Now here we are barely one year later. The supposed worlds best fighter not only lost to a world class level boxer the first go around but she returned to get crushed by a straight shooting striker. Now, I am not a fan of MMA or do I have ill feelings towards the winner and losers in the Octagon, but being a boxing trainer, boxing coach, and boxing gym owner I am going to take up for the sport of boxing this time around. For the past 10 years boxing has sat back and taken it on the chin from proponents of MMA stating that its "dying, not entertaining, no good fights, no good boxers, our best champion is boring and that MMA is the NEW FIGHT SPORT and that boxing should go away. To the point that this ludicrous, idiotic discussion of a female MMA champion beating the male boxing champion gained traction at last years ESPYS. What we realize now is that this MMA champion probably would get knocked out by any of the top world class female amateur boxers let alone a male world class level professional champion. I would love to see her fight Queen, Marlen, Katie or god lord if Claressa could make that weight! No this is not a gender comparison, no this is not being sexist, this is reality!

As boxing people we have sat back too long and let "little brother" chirp and chip at our backs about how they are better than we are. Its time Big Brother gives little brother the smack down it deserves. Stop comparing the two sports, stop comparing the athletes. You NEVER hear world class level boxers talk about getting in the octagon and that they can beat MMA fighters, but you always have some damn MMA fighter talking about he can get in the ring and beat a boxer at his own game.

Two different sports, that require two different skill sets to have success. Real fighters know this and would never disrespect or discredit the other, but its time for the boxing community to stand up for itself and say we don't want to hear anymore nonsense about Ronda, Conner or anybody else that thinks they are going to step in that square circle and have success. Stay in your lane and we will stay in ours! You don't see Lebron James telling Chris Mortensen "Man, I sure want to get in the ring with Deontay Wilder"

That being said Boxing purist and boxing fans need to demand better from writers and individuals that cover our sport to defend and deflect this nonsense and banter before it starts. Boxing has played the role of Jon Snow to long and now its time to take its rightful seat in the Iron Throne!

Marty P. Hill


Sweet Science Boxing Club, Atlanta-Ga

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