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There’s no doubt that they’ve been spotted at local shows and tournaments nationwide - the mature warrior who’s ready for battle. But, who are these are these distinguished boxers? Masters Boxing is a rapidly growing division within the USA Boxing community. Masters Boxing is USA Boxing’s division for both male and female athletes ages 35+ years. The division is a compilation of boxers that began the sport as youth and have a renewed passion for the sport as well as individuals joining the sport of boxing for the first time as adults.

Per the USA Boxing Competition Rulebook, the following guidelines should be followed for those wanting to participate in the master’s boxing division. For more information, see Appendix H of the rulebook.

1) Those boxing who are of the age 41 and older will be classified as a master’s boxer. Those participating who are ages 35 to 40 may choose to box as a master or may choose to box as senior/elite (or both) until you reach the age of 41.

2) The master’s division will have a different passbook than other USA Boxing division; the book will be yellow in color and have the master’s division identified on it in writing.

3) Masters must get a yearly physical that is more in-depth than what is required for other boxers.

4) Boxers will be limited to boxing three rounds between one and two-minutes in dura-tion. There will be one (1) minute rest between rounds.

5) The age difference between competitors shall be no more than ten (10) years young-er or ten (10) years older. Master boxers may not compete against boxers younger than 35 years of age.

Masters Boxing is growing at a tremendous rate with division tournaments recently held last October in Arizona and scheduled for Kansas City in March and New York in June. We are also seeing more and more shows on the local and national levels for Masters Boxing. 2017 is anticipated to be the best year yet for masters boxing. It’s time to dust off those old boxing boots and get back into the sport of boxing!

Marty P. Hill

USA Boxing

Chairman-Masters Boxing

For more information contact Marty -

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