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Fitness and exercise have never been more widely encouraged, and boxing is proving to be worthy for anyone who is interested in a cardio workout with fun and flair. Boxing is an active sport comprising of punches and combat fighting moves between two fighters or one fighter and a custom made bag. The days of aerobics and running being the main exercise options, particularly for women, are over; boxing is now available in health and fitness centers everywhere and is encouraged among men, women, teenagers and even pre-teens. Here’s a look at several of the fitness benefits of boxing.

1. Boxing Is an Overall Workout

Boxing is one of the true all-around workouts available, meaning it strengthens and works numerous if not all muscle groups rather than spot training one area alone. Boxing works the core muscles contained within the trunk of the body by using balance and strength, the leg muscles through various kicks and stances, the arm muscles through punching and jabbing, plus the back muscles, shoulder muscles and even the all important gluteus maximus, through continued skipping and dodging movements that are essential.

2. Boxing Mixes the Workout Up

The leading fitness experts have discovered that repetitive workouts and continuous looped movements are detrimental to peak fitness. A constant up shift and down shift of cardio and strength training along with sudden burst training is proving more effective. Boxing incorporates this constant shift of workout, from solitary stance mini bag boxing through to large bag boxing and then to one on one sparring with constant movement and flow. An hour of boxing can produce more sweat and more calorie burn than a continuous one hour jog.

3. Boxing Will Assist Weight Loss

Boxing fights obesity which is a major problem worldwide. It is believed that at least 30 minutes per day of regular exercise is enough to keep a minimum level of fitness. How the 30 minutes are spent is very important. A form of activity that is ineffective and boring will not yield results, whereas a sport that can be enjoyed, and provides a total body workout that is undeniably effective like boxing, will.

4. Boxing Is Fun

One of the biggest letdowns to fitness is that it is perceived to be a “have to” activity rather than a “want to” activity. Boxing is fun; it can be solo with a bag to music, with a partner or with a group. The element of competition and danger makes it exciting and the non-choreographed free movement means it can be as aggressive and energetic as you like. It is a fact that a task that is enjoyable will have a better overall result than a workout that you don’t enjoy.

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