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Boxing Is More Than Just Fancy Footwork! Recently, my friend and I decided to take boxing lessons. We decided that boxers are the fittest-looking athletes out there, and so conditioning ourselves like boxers would give us the fitness and sleekness that we sought.

It is no wonder that boxers appear so fit—it is because they are exceptionally fit from head to toe. Boxing-training for one hour is one of the most grueling hours that I have endured, and I’ve experimented with a lot of different sports and workout methods. In boxing, the arms are held up during the entire workout. You’re in constant motion. And acute concentration is required.

Boxing isn’t just about throwing powerful punches; boxing requires a lot of agility. Learning the footwork of boxing is like learning dance steps. There is a distinct rhythm to the art of boxing. Watch “Million Dollar Baby" and you can get an idea of the physical and mental requirements of this most arduous sport. Witness Hilary Swank’s ultra-conditioned body as a result of her training for this Oscar-decorated film.

In addition to the fitness considerations, boxing also offers a great way to let off steam. While sparring—that is, training for boxing—you get to punch and grunt and/or howl while throwing punches. All the stress of the week seems to dissipate after a boxing session. However, the punches aren’t haphazard; there is a certain way to throw punches in boxing much like there is a certain way to throw the hands and feet in martial arts such as karate and judo. You can put more power into a punch if you are doing it correctly.

I notice that since I’ve been boxing, my entire body is more toned and defined—I’m more sleek. I have more physical endurance and my mental concentration also has a lot more staying power. I also feel more empowered because I’m learning to fight correctly, and so I’m taking care of myself. When training for boxing, you aren’t just punching; you’re running, skipping rope and performing other exercises that put you into top condition.

I have no aspirations of fighting for real, like Hilary Swank’s character in “Million Dollar Baby.” I’m just seeking the best possible fitness regime that will render the best possible results for me. I try all sorts of different exercise programs because my attention span requires versatility or I get bored and stop working out altogether.

Boxing, for me, offers titillating training because of the versatility of exercises within the spectrum of training for boxing. During a one-hour lesson I will run, skip rope, do push-ups, punch a bag, punch with my training partner, perform footwork exercises, and more. The desired results are evident because I’m sculpting my ideal body and I feel fabulous.

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